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Our 2015 Road Racing Season: Walderstown

Posted on 24/08/2015 at 11:16 pm by / 0

On 12th of July we went to our second road race, also in Republic of Ireland. This was not quite planned and we could not go for Saturday practice. The race was in Walderstown, a small village close to Athlone and Mullingar, not too far from Kells race where we went in June.

As we arrived on the same day of the races, we had no time to go around the circuit and find the best place for pictures. In spite of waking up very early we arrived just before the roads closed, and very hungry, so we first went to the paddock…

This was the first race since Doctor John Hinds passed away. “Doc John” was a great doctor anaesthetist, who apart from his job, dedicated his free time to make road racing safer. Together with the medical team and another doctor in Ireland, he saved the lives of many riders.
He also shared his medical experience with other doctors around the world, to save more lives, not only in road racing.

Doc John sadly passed away in an accident while following a group of racers during practice in Skerries (close to Dublin) at the beginning of July.

So the racing day started with a lap in his memory and honour, leaded by the medical staff and marshals. A very nice and moving homage just a few days after the funeral. All my respect for all the people who spend their free time to make this dangerous sport as safe as possible.

After the honour lap and a minute of silence fairly respected all around the circuit, the races started.

We first were on the straight line just before the paddock, with the view on the previous corner and a good point to see many wheelies.

William Dunlop

Derek Sheils

Derek Mc Gee

Andy Farrell

We then moved to the previous corner for the next race. There was a good viewpoint for pictures from the outside part of the corner.

The day and the races went on without any incident. There was a short shower during the Classics race (poor lads), but we were in the paddock and got shelter under a big tree.

Then we moved down the straight line of the paddock. The next corner was probably the best of the circuit and was packed with people and there was not a free space to watch (though we know where to go next year). So we went back to the straight line. There we can see the pilots arrive fairly quickly, not too good for us to take pictures, but quite good to watch the races and see some nice overtaking.

We finished the day there. It seemed short to us in spite of the 10 races!


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