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Twisties in “Les Vosges”

Posted on 10/05/2014 at 2:16 pm by / 0

The worst things about Paris area for bikers is that there are no corners. It is all flat and straight, with only beetroots fields (with their strange signals)

and small groves hiding gendarmes with fining binoculars…

To escape from the “non corner” zone, we took advantage of a 3-days week-end to go on a treasure hunt: twisties.

We left on a Friday after lunch, with no rush, to cover about 400km of straight line, to the East. Our destination “Les Vosges”, small mountain area (Natural Park) very close to the border with Germany. Alsace area was German between 1870 and 1914/1918.

Who says mountains says twisties 🙂 .

We arrived quite tired after so many kilometres on boring straight lines in the middle of the fields.

After a “light” meal with “Munster” cheese (nothing to do with Irish area 😉 ), we went to bed early to have some rest for the next day.

I had planned an itinerary, but we got lost several times, though it did not really matter as the idea wasn’t to go to any particular place, just to enjoy the road, the corners and the landscapes. So this is finally the itinerary we covered:

We found unknown places on our way:

“Le Linge” Memorial– First World War Battle where French and German troops confronted each other from 20th of July to 15th of October 1915: 17000 dead.

The Spring colours were very nice, with different shades of green, though the light was very difficult as it was quite cloudy though the sun was not far away behind, and my lense did not allow very good pics.

A resident:

Views from the road between “Grand Ballon”, the highest mountain of Les Vosges (1424m), and Cernay:

On our way back to the hotel…

We covered about 200km, to recharge the batteries before going back the next day… 400km of straight line in the middle of the fields, and now accompanied by all the Parisian people going back home after a long week-end…

It was well worth it though 😉

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